VIEWS: to develop future-wing technology

A 13-partner, 33 month future wing research collaboration project, backed by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute. VIEWS stands for Validation and Integration of Manufaturing Enablers for Future Wing Structures. Formed in 2015 through the collaboration of 4 UK Aerospace OEMs, 4 Universities and 5 high-value manufacturing Catapult Centres.

A total project value of £30.4m with £18.7m provided via ATI grant funding.


The need

Following the completion of a previous research programme (STeM), a number of new wing technologies emerged but had little scope for future progression and exploitation. Future wing technology and products remain a challenge for the UK Aerospace industry, and new technologies and skills are needed to ensure the future of the UK in Aerospace supply-chain. Due to the investments required and risks, none of the emerging technologies from STeM could be developed any further.

The solution

Axillium provided the opportunity for the companies producing the new wing technologies to collaborate with UK-based Aerospace OEMs. By getting together the right partners, we were able to help satisfy the requirements of the ATI and support in the submission of a successful bid. With £30.4m funding now available, we are working with all partners to identify how best to test, progress and exploit their technologies through the consortium community, and helping everyone to work together effectively.

The benefit

Allowing Axillium to manage the initial collaboration, and provide funding advice, resulted in a smooth and successful ATI bid, which has now provided the essential funding needed by all partners. Through our on-going advice and project support, we have increased the potential for the consortium to deliver some promising future wing design, manufacture and assembly technologies. These will also be near to market readiness: helping strengthen the relationship between UK supply-chain and the future needs of the Aerospace industry.

For more information and case studies visit the ATI website

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