Supporting UK OEM to develop emissions technology

A multi-partner collaboration seeking to develop the skills, knowledge, manufacturing capacity and demand within UK supply chain for next generation emissions technology. Formed through the collaboration of one UK-based OEM, five large organizations and one SME. Axillium support UK OEMs to develop the technology they need.

A total programme value of £23m with £11m provided via APC grant funding.


The need

A UK-based OEM needed to reduce technology emissions of CO2 by 16.5% for their next generation of petrol engines. The UK supplychain did not have the skills, knowledge or manufacturing capacity to meet their needs. Due to the extra investment required and risks, no one organisation was able to achieve this alone.

The solution

Axillium provided the opportunity for the lead OEM to collaborate with 6 unique and relevant companies, supporting the getting together of exactly the right partners to ensure success of the APC bid. Whilst at the same time enabling all partners to identify the unique benefits to them of the collaboration and navigate the consortium community effectively.

The benefit

Allowing Axillium to manage the initial collaboration, and provide funding advice, resulted in a smooth and successful APC bid, which has now provided the essential funding needed. Through our on-going advice and project support, we aim to enable the partners to focus on the technology development, whilst ensuring the project coordination requirements of the APC are met in a timely and efficient way without distracting the partners from delivering the innovations they need to succeed.

Can we help you?

We support UK OEMs to deliver the technology they need to develop the next generation of UK vehicles. If we can support with your idea or need for funding, we’d like to hear from you or get in touch.

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