LX programme news: moving one step closer to strengthening UK composites by 2021

What is LX all about?

As a result of confirmed AMSCI funds of £3.8m, we officially initiated the Lightweighting Excellence (LX) programme back in 2015. The ambition? To create and safeguard UK jobs, and bring about increased capabilities within UK Supply Chain for producing structural, semi-structural and Class A surface finished components to meet the needs of UK OEMs,

Since 2015, the LX consortia has made a number of announcements confirming the steps it has taken towards fulfilling these ambitions by 2021, including:

– October 2015: the participation of three UK OEMs – including Nissan, Bentley and Emerald Automotive – confirmed the appeal of UK produced LX materials for the UK Automotive sector

– Early 2016, Nissan took one step further by setting out a clear commitment to working with the LX consortia to reduce the weight of it’s future passenger vehicles.

Another step forward for LX

Today marks yet more positive news for LX, as it confirms the viability of carbon floor structures for high volume application by OEMs. The significance of this update? It shows that the ultimate ambitions of the LX programme can actually be achieved – moving us all one step closer to strengthening UK capabilities for composites by 2021!

You can read the full article written by Steve Hancock, Co Founder at InCA Technology, here on Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2mJqRAT

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