Supporting African Innovators at The SA Innovation Summit 2017

The rise of African Innovators

You’re probably not aware that Africa has a rising community of entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. These African Innovators are all developing and delivering products and services that have huge potential for the future of technology. As well as an important means by which Africa, as a continent, can reach it’s full potential by producing credible, stand-out and inspired technology for the globe.

Supporting African Innovators | Axillium Research UK

Axillium supports African Innovators

We’ll be in Cape Town, South Africa next week from 6-8 Sept at The SA Innovation Summit, supporting African Innovators to spread their creations and ideas across the continent and beyond.  Our Founder, Will Searle, will be speaking on Sept 6th about:

  • The power of using Big Data, IOT and HPC to make innovation happen
  • Industrial Market Trends
  • Examples of applications of Data Science & Innovation in sectors such as Defence (DUTE), Connected and Automomous Vehicles and Smart Cities sectors
  • Axillium’s work with the Smart Connected Innovation On-Ramp Programme (SCIOP) aiming to train the next generation of data scientists to support socio-economic growth in Southern Africa

Further details of Will’s speech can be found on the speakers page on the SAIS2017 website, along with details of other workshops, guest speakers and activities throughout the event.

supporting African Innovators | Axillium UK

The Lion is waking up and Africa is rising! For more information on joining Innovation Revolution at the SA Innovation Summit visit or #SAIS2017 via Twitter

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We’ll be sharing updates LIVE next week. Follow us @Axillium to keep up to date or contact us info@axillium if you’re attending and wish to talk more about the work we are doing in South Africa. Alternatively, you can view our current activities, read more Axillium news or learn about Axillium.


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