Innovation Management

Let us take over the administrative and bureaucratic burden of your financed projects, so you can focus on the innovation.

Collaborative projects require specific compliance and coordination skills. Such skills are usually outside of the skills internal to the project consortium. We can help by offering a complete innovation management support service for the programme – allowing you to focus on the R&D. We’ll help you navigate through the negotiations and admin of the initial contract phase to get your funds. Once the project has started we can coordinate documentation, partner reviews and project plans to ensure administrative compliance with your funding body.

Negotiation & Consortium Agreement

During the contracting phase your funding body will ask for completed collaboration and IP agreements. Using workshops and negotiation processes we can help you overcome conflicts and differences of opinion to create swift and compliant agreements that meet the needs of all consortia members.

Resource to ensure Compliance

Have you led or participated in a collaborative programme before? If you have, you’ll already have a clear understanding on the impact of administrative burdens on the project. We offer resource to manage these elements on your behalf; ensuring compliance and your freedom to focus on R&D.

Coordination Experience & Skill

Managing funded collaborative projects requires specific compliance knowledge and coordination skills. We support your activity with our deeper knowledge of the funding programme technicalities and activities – ensuring your project moves forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Programme Support

We offer a complete and effective innovation management service to ensure compliance. From supporting the lead partner through Due Diligence, to submitting documentation, checking deliverables and organising reviews, we help develop innovative projects into thriving business programmes.

Experience & Know-how

Have you thought about the exploitation of your project? Are you aware of the level of detail you will have to provide your Monitoring Officer at each review? Managing funded research projects has always been a demanding task and it’s getting even more complex. We’ve done it all before so can tell you exactly what is coming and when.

Proven techniques & process

We’ve developed proven processes to increase project efficiency. Helping you move things forward so that you can keep each monitoring stage as brief and as successful as possible. Enabling you to get started and innovating with your partners sooner.

      Ensuring your project gets off to the best start possible with our innovation management

Managing research projects financed through Innovate UK funding or other funding programmes can be a demanding task. Particularly if they are collaborative projects involving several partners or more. Understanding how collaborative programmes work and having the right levels of resource in place are key to ensuring success. From the need for swift negotiations and agreement between partners, to compliance with your funding body’s monitoring process and, ultimately, enabling projects to start on time.

If you’ve not led or participated in a collaborative programme before, it’s very difficult to know how much time and resource is needed to manage the programme and ensure compliance. In our experience, most new consortia members are unaware of how funded projects are monitored and measured.

In order to obtain funds during the contracting phase, your funding body will require you to administer the set up of collaboration agreements, project plans and IP. Even after you’ve received your Grant Confirmation Letter (GCL), all partners are required to submit quarterly reports and finances as well as detailed plans outlining key milestones for all partners. All these requirements can place an immense burden on the consortium. As a result, projects are often delayed and innovation is disrupted.

Avoid unnecessary delays and keep your partners happy

We help organisations develop and manage their innovation capabilities at each and every stage in the innovation process. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help develop your innovative project into a thriving business programme.

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